Every Relationship is the Seed of Great Potential

by Jim Cathcart

One Acorn can produce an Oak that generates millions of Acorns. The same is true of Relationships.
One Relationship can become the genesis of abundant opportunities for you.
One Relationship can truly change your life.

The creation of High-Value Relationships is a science and an art that you can learn to master.
Relationship Intelligence tm” is a way of looking at Relationships in the context of your Desired Outcomes.
Every relationship that connects directly to an Outcome you desire will build momentum for you to achieve it.
Every relationship that does not connect to your goal will utilize energy that could have been invested more wisely.

This does not mean that all of your relationships must be goal oriented, but it does mean that the higher the percentage of intentionally formed relationships in your life the greater your chances are for success.

To become more Intelligent about Relationships come with me and let’s discover where the Acorns of your future are today.


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