R.I. is the next generation in a generation of published works

Books by Jim Cathcart

Over the past 31 years I’ve written and published 14 books, two of which have become international bestsellers: The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling. My next book will combine the concepts from these earlier 14 with many years of new research in order to explore “How to Grow High-Value Relationships tm”. The title of the book will be “Relationship Intelligence tm”. (I’ve trademarked the phrase “Relationship Intelligence”)

As you visit this Blog and read the various entries on this concept I’d really appreciate your input. Any views, questions, suggestions or observations would be welcomed. This will become a substantial new book in a few months and it deserves to have more minds contributing to it. Please share your input in the comments section of this Blog.
Thank you,
In the Spirit of Growth,


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