A very cool way to read my e-books “Yudu”

by Jim Cathcart

I’ve discovered a very innovative tool for displaying an e-book so that you can adjust the size of the page, turn pages by clicking the corner of the page and see the whole book easily. Two of my e-books have been converted to this format in the past fifteen minutes!
Here are the links so that you can see them.

Getting the Sale e-book
Getting the Sale

Introduction to Relationship Selling e-book by Jim Cathcart “>Introduction to Relationship Selling

Note: these sell for $9.95 on my website but you can view them here for free to see the value they hold. I’m very excited about this format and would love to hear your feedback on it.
I’ll also post the link to Yudu.com so that you can check it out for yourself. (Their service is free.)

Yudu.com website.


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