High-Value Relationships ™

by Jim Cathcart

Every relationship has a value. Some low, some high. Some financial, some emotional, some social, etc.
When you operate with a high level of “Relationship Intelligence” ™, you look at all of your relationships as assets and treat them as valuable items.

The value of a relationship is defined by your Desired Outcomes. Once you determine what you want to achieve then your relationships take on new meaning. Some relate to the Desired Outcome and some do not. Those that contribute to your cause need to be nurtured and managed in the ways that optimize their value. The others can be addressed based upon their importance in other areas.

Step one in creating and growing High-Value Relationships ™ is: Become Conscious of your existing relationships and re-examine them with respect to your Desired Outcomes (Goals.)
Step two is: Be more intentional in how you cultivate each relationship. Keep your goals in mind and guide the relationships toward that Desired Outcome.
Step three is: Be relentless in staying the course toward your goals. Keep cultivating more and better connections with everyone in your circle of acquaintances.
Finally, Step four is: Be yourself. Don’t try to make your life a series of manipulations of others. Instead build genuine, trust filled connections with people you enjoy and respect.

The payoff from all of this will be an amazing matrix of powerful friendships that increase your success potential in unexpected ways.

For more on this read the earlier posts here on Relationship Intelligence ™.
Jim Cathcart www.cathcart.com


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