High-Value Relationships ™

Motivational Expert Jim Cathcart has been teaching and practicing “Relationship Intelligence ™” for over three decades.
His books on Relationship Selling revolutionized the way people think about sales.

Instead of seeing it as merely a vending and persuasion process they started realizing that practicing sales as a “partner in problem solving” led to even more sales, easier referrals and less sales resistance.
His training programs on “Relationship Strategies” coauthored with Dr. Tony Alessandra, became international best sellers and generated a world wide following.
The Acorn Principle was the first in a series of works that explored Jim Cathcart’s research findings and insights into the often unseen aspects of human uniqueness. This “guided tour of YOU” provided people ways of understanding each other’s unique differences and areas of compatibility that had previously been unnoticed and misunderstood.
In recent years Jim’s research has been focused on how to create and grow High-Value Relationships ™ by increasing your Relationship Intelligence ™. He is now practicing this personally and extending it to others through his role as Spokesperson and Senior Adviser to SynergyStreet.com an online business network for entrepreneurs. Their motto is “The Place to Go for Your Business to Grow.”

The essence of High-Value Relationships ™ is the exchange of value. When two or more people provide benefits to each other then they place more value on the relationship. The more value we exchange the more we treasure and protect those connections. Jim Cathcart says, “The quickest way to assure the creation of a High-Value Relationship is to GIVE more value to the person you are serving. When we ‘pay it forward’ in this way we provide our clients and colleagues with valid reasons for wanting to continue the connection with us.”

In the final analysis, what counts most is not “What you Know.”
Nor is it “Who You Know.”
What truly counts is “Who is Glad that They Know You?”

For more information on any of these items please follow the many links provided on this page.


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