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Update to: Plane Crash in San Diego: Too Close for Anyone

uc-crash proximity to friends & familyI’ve added more photos, links and details for those interested in this event. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Scroll down for yesterday’s post.

Here is today’s post from CNN with video, photos and updates:

Yesterday’s post:
In my last post I told you about seeing the returning Space Shuttle as it flew over our home on its glide path for landing in the desert. The sonic boom shook our house. Now take a look at today’s news:

From Channel 10 News SAN DIEGOA disabled Miramar-based fighter jet crashed and exploded in flames in a University City-area neighborhood moments after the pilot safely ejected Monday, killing three people on the ground with one other unaccounted for, authorities reported.
The F/A-18D Hornet plunged to the ground near Cather Avenue and Huggins Street, about a mile northwest of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, just before noon, according to San Diego police and the Federal Aviation Administration.
The pilot, who had been on a training flight over the ocean and was heading toward the military base when the accident occurred, parachuted into an overgrown area near University City High School, landing in a tree.

My former home was three blocks from this crash site!
Close enough to crack the windows or knock things off the shelves. Whew!
God bless the poor souls who lost their lives in the crash, and thank God there weren’t even more casualties. He crashed into a neighborhood of “patio” homes, with very small yards separating them.

To put this into perspective for you, here is the link to Google Maps showing the crash site and my former home. Huggins to Rock Valley on Cather.

If you don’t know me then you have no particular reason to care about this proximity, but I’d like for you to consider how any of us could, at any moment be taken away by something that either drops from the sky or arrives in another unexpected way. This life is way too precious and too delicate for us to let opportunities go by.

Stop today and think about someone you need to connect with, or a thank you or “I love you” that needs to be said. Think of the folks whom you haven’t told that you appreciate what they do. Now is the time, this is the place and you are the one to do it.
Live fully, love openly and leave a legacy.
You never know when it might become too late.


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